The Final Twist

Twisty Ending

When Trevor Edwards came into this world, he was born to a wise mother in London, England, and lived in a small town home that consisted of three bedrooms, apple trees, and a garden. After moving to Jamaica at 13, he began to get bullied for the way he spoke. However, he still came to appreciate the island and its culture. The advice his mother gave him would shape how he saw life. She told Trevor Edwards that he needed to find a job that made him happy. This was wisdom that he decided to run with and landed a job working for one of the best shoe brands in the industry.

Trevor Edwards knows how to put together campaigns that win for both his company and the people that contribute to them. His success has led to several famed sports stars such as Lebron James collaborating on various brands of proves that people who are active in sports or just enjoy the products, in general, can appreciate. Advertising is a huge key in making sure that the brand gets to the people. Since he has been successful in his strategies, his company has taken off globally which puts them on the map.

Trevor Edwards can thank his mother for pushing him with her words of love. It propelled him to something greater and everyone gets to benefit. He is still coming up with cutting-edge ideas to keep the brand going and that’s phenomenal. Stating competitive will always be very important.

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