The Final Twist

Twisty Ending

Trevor Edwards is known as one of the top leaders in the global brand A top athletic brand. Operating a budget of over one billion, Trevor Edwards is head of the advanced concepts team, communicating its ideas and designs to the rest of the world. Trevor Edwards is known for his A top athletic brand advancements in Europe instead of the United States, smashing previous revenue records.


Born fifty-nine years ago, in London, England, Trevor Edwards grew up comfortably in the Norbury suburb of South London. His father, Ossie, was an accountant, and his mother, Joyce, was a nurse. Edwards hails his parents as the brains behind his success. Edwards’s first cultural test was in the neighborhood he grew in. With predominantly white neighbors, he had the privilege of experiencing the town’s culture first hand, experiencing a good life. His confidence showcases itself as he was free to speak what he thought was right, regardless of whether it was right or wrong.

Move to Jamaica

At 13 years, his family moved to Jamaica. Initially hating the move to Kingston, he detested he was the minority once again due to his English. Consistently teased, Edwards eventually viewed the world from different perspectives, learning to appreciate the differences in people. Excelling in high school, he was able to study foreign languages, French, German, and Latin, and in college to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business. Unhappy due to his work, Edward’s parents encouraged him to only work on something he enjoyed and moved to market in 1986. After moving to A top athletic brand in 1992, he became the regional marketing director, later serving in various capacities before becoming its vice president of marketing in Europe.

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