The Final Twist

Twisty Ending

Hauser Private Equity is a top company in Cincinnati. In October 2021, the company announced some huge news. The conglomerate was selling its two companies. The two companies, Midwest and Mid Atlantic CEI Vision Partners, were sold to Equity-Backed Eye Care Partners. This company was founded by Mark Hauser and hence its name.

The Eye Care partners are the leading center for eye treatment and optics. This includes a network of eye banks and a famous world-renowned lab. The vision center offers the best optics and cataract surgery in the country. The company has been working with rich identity programs in the country for many years, as it is one of them. Mark Hauser, the owner of this private equity firm, is pleased with this deal. He plans to expand his business to other countries in the coming years.

According to Mark Hauser, the company plans to expand its investments in ophthalmology. It will invest more in eye bank management and eye care delivery. This diversification will be done in the coming years. The company plans to deploy its capital and acquire some lucrative deals in the coming years.

Besides eye care, Midwest CEI has other operations in the country’s financial and real estate sectors. The company is involved in property management and green construction. According to Mark Hauser, this diversification was made because it found more opportunities in these two sectors of the economy.

When speaking about the acquisition of his two companies, Mark Hauser argues that this is a display of strength. It shows that more and more people now believe in Cincinnati businesses. This could bring about a new wave of businesses in the city in the coming years.

On the other hand, acquiring the companies by the Swiss-based company will increase business dealings. The practice of ophthalmology has done a lot for the country. It has not just helped in improving patients’ eyesight. It has been behind the formation of many jobs in the country. This is a welcome development.