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Brandon Hall is a Nonprofit Association that offers certification for its members. It approves and accredits providers of professional education or training programs in the United States. Brandon Hall’s recognition is also a testament to the Online Trading Academy team’s hard work, dedication, and commitment to equipping people with knowledge on trading stocks, futures, and other financial instruments.

Online Trading Academy Receives Gold from Brandon Hall:

To recognize the best in distance learning programs, The Distance Learning Education Council (DLEC) has announced that Online Trading Academy received gold honors from their International Certification Program for Excellence (ICPE).

Online Trading Academy’s Gold Award is given to institutions that meet and exceed the program’s high standards.

The ICPE is designed to identify and recognize excellence in distance learning programs and assist prospective students in making informed choices in their education. The ICPE was developed by a team of experts representing industry, academia, accreditation, and regulatory entities.

According to the award’s website,It is one of only 12 organizations to receive a Gold ICPE Award. This award signifies that experts who have found Online Trading Academy to comply with all criteria and standards of the program have reviewed Online Trading Academy in their field.

It utilizes a system called the E.P.A. TradePrice RichView, which can be used with any brokerage firm that offers a Trade Price RichView Pro client interface. This is a powerful tool for trading because it lets traders know their risk exposure vs. reward potential and whether they are trading in the direction of price change.

It also provides stock placement, Stock Selection, and technical analysis courses. These courses are taught by experienced professionals who offer instruction using real-time charts and examples to help students understand the market mechanics and how to profit from them.

It proprietary trading system, integrated into the E.P.A. TradePrice RichView trading platform, is called “The Trend Innovation System.”It

proprietary trading system has its proprietary strategies that are created from an extensive research project called the “Industry & Industry Market Project” (IIMP) and a “$100 Million Online Trading Test” for practical trading strategies.