The Final Twist

Twisty Ending

Krishen Iyer has inspired many entrepreneurs in the industry. The entrepreneur started his business venture immediately after graduating from college. He has blossomed with the various companies under his belt. The marketing expert and outstanding leader has firmly taken an interest in encouraging other startups on the best steps to follow before embarking on entrepreneurship. Firstly, the leader Krishen Iyer encourages startups to find a trustworthy business mentor. 


With a mentor like Krishen Iyer, it is easy to take business challenges and handle them easily. They are the best people who will teach the entrepreneurs the dos and don’ts in business. The business enthusiasts will likely take the best approach as they scale to make a niche in the industry through their advice. Additionally, the enthusiast entrepreneur Krishen Iyer is keen on identifying the gaps in the market. 


Any aspiring entrepreneur should be purposeful in the industry. They should critically analyze the business ideas, especially focusing on what they offer to the clients. Business is not all about marketing products as there are factors to influence its growth. A supportive team is a key to a company’s long-term success. Therefore, Krishen Iyer adds, the startups should cultivate a team that is keen on meeting the objectives and goals of the company. 


The leader and marketing expert Krishen Iyer encourages them to build on aboard a professional team that encourages positive ideas for the enterprise. The successful entrepreneur also encourages change when in business. In the industry, there are challenges, and startups should be ready to embrace whichever outcome comes in the industry. His successful portfolios include Mais consulting. The company focuses on consultancy advice, among other services. Krishen Iyer grew up in California.