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Twisty Ending

Joseph Ashford is a famous businessman situated in London. He is known to be the pioneer of K4 Global, a firm dealing in marketing. Apart from this, Joseph Ashford is the inventor of a foundation known as The Butterfly, which has been objectified to offer support to kids suffering from epidermolysis bullosa. Being the philanthropist that he is, Joseph Ashford is passionate about the Butterfly Foundation. The invention of this foundation was facilitated by Joseph’s path once crossed with a boy suffering from the disorder. The sole purpose of the Butterfly Foundation is, therefore, to make society aware of the condition and support them financially to make better the living standards.


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It is noted that Joseph had to face quite a number of challenges during his childhood. Within a short period, he had lost all his closest relatives. Today when he looks back at this time, he firmly believes that they took part in molding him to be the guy he is today. Based on the hard life he experienced earlier, Joseph Ashford has learned to show gratitude for every little thing he gains in life. When his career was starting, Joseph Ashford worked with many industries and, as a result, gained significant expertise on techniques of handling monetary investment. Usually, when Joseph makes trips to several places across the globe, his major talk during conferences entails marketing.

Joseph Ashford is one of the unique successful entrepreneurs with a philanthropic spirit. He is greatly appreciative of his achievements and portrays this by being helpful to others in society. He finds satisfaction in assisting people to realize their goals. K4 Global was founded in the year 2014 in London and served several businesses in many areas. The firm is made up of people driven by passion and great ambition. Moreover, the team’s primary goal is to keep pushing through to realize its vision ultimately.

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