The Final Twist

Twisty Ending

Jason Hope is an internet entrepreneur who believes that the Internet of Things will continue to grow and connect even more devices than even today. The successful activist investor sees the Internet of Things as not only a growing trend, something that we will rely on more and more in the future. Jason Hope’s expectations are that companies will continue to vie for dominance in this space and cater to consumers as they try to fulfill consumer wants and needs.


Jason Hope


Hope has found success on the internet so it makes sense for him to be focusing on the IoT as it is a natural progression of connecting not only devices but the world. With an MBA from the W.P Carey School of Business, he has the credentials to see current trends and has in the past accurately predicted future technology trends. Jason Hope has predicted that the current rush in IoT will only continue and believes that at some point in the not too distant future, everything will be connected. As part of this trend, Hope sees advances in IoT that will lead to helping people live longer and healthier lives. 


His belief is so strong that he has actively invested his money in a company that is pursuing these very ideals. As part of his philanthropic plan, Jason Hope donated a large sum of money to the SENS Research Foundation. SENS works in the biotechnologies area and is working on rejuvenation technologies in the hope of curing age-related diseases and illnesses. Jason Hope’s predictions and philanthropic giving point to a career that sees a bright future. Rather than a bad omen, Hope sees technology as a way to help people live longer healthier lives. Not to mention having the technology to make living easier through connected homes, devices, and aids that will help everyone as they age. 

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