The Final Twist

Twisty Ending

Grief and loss of a loved one are one of the most difficult things a person can manage and go through. It is something one feels every single day. It lands heavily in a person’s chest and sometimes feels insurmountable. Maybe not anymore, with new research, a new company, and a new way of thinking of our lost loved ones. Whether it is a deceased spouse, child, or pet, research is telling us we can rethink our loss.

Dr. Candi Cann, professor at Baylor University, has researched grief and the process of grieving and has identified that anchor items can positively influence how a person grieves. Eterneva worked with Dr. Cann to create a diamond from the ashes of loved ones. A diamond that can be worn in a necklace, ring, bracelet, or other item allows mobility to connect to the loss anywhere a person goes. This is an important aspect of the anchor item.

The Eterneva diamond also allows people to have a physical item where they can direct their love and grief. It provides a context of a conversation to be able to talk about their loved one in a positive and present tense manner. And can switch a sad or stressful conversation into a positive one.

Backed by both science and spirituality, creating a diamond anchor item with Eterneva can help ease the pain of complete loss. The company obtained funding through an appearance on Shark Tank and Mark Cuban invested. The death industry has had few new ways of honoring those who have passed on over the years. This is not only a new way, but provides an anchor for those living with the loss to be able to connect with our loved ones, holding a piece of them and keeping them close while we continue to live our lives. Source: