The Final Twist

Twisty Ending

Edgard Corona is the president and creator of Bio Ritmo. He discusses the COVID-19 crisis and the effects it has on the fitness industry. Edgard Corona says that SmartFit has over 2 million clients, but it has temporarily shut down its operations in Latin American when the crisis intensified on 19th March. The club sector featured among the heavily impacted by the novel COVID-19 pandemic.

South America’s biggest gym chain, Smart Fit had to call off activities even with 2 million active customers thanks to the ravaging coronavirus. Therefore, all the Brazilian and Latin American units were closed down and a monthly loss of 160 million reais was realized.

However, the gym chain is slowly rejuvenating itself, and Edgard Corona, the Bio Ritmo president, and initiator, an organization that owns SmartFit addressed the issue on EXAME during a live talk show. Edgard noted that things were running out of control during Carnival.

After seeing the Italian happenings, he realized that the impact would exceed the 2008 instances. In 2018, liquidity was the only problem, but this one affects the entire economy, and once distorted, it will be hard to rehabilitate it.

Once the president addressed his crew and told them to brace for the situation, units started shutting down, and even the student fees were frozen. Therefore, Edgard Corona’s greatest concerns were to balance cash flow account for the many learners and more so staff maintenance.

Since the 1 million students needed workouts even from home, Smart Fit was launched, an online idea that was gaining momentum before the pandemic. Therefore, the organization availed some free digital classes using readily available materials at home to ensure people can still keep fit during quarantine. Corona was excited to say that at least 8 million individuals in Brazil had been reached to know more click here.