The Final Twist

Twisty Ending

SmartFit is one of the largest global fitness conglomerates. Headquartered in Brazil under the umbrella company called Bio Ritmo, the company has over 450 gyms throughout Latin America, including Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador. The company CEO Edgard Corona has plans to expand the holdings to an additional 450 gyms over the next two years. The current value of the organization is over $200 million.

The Beginning

Edgard Corona began with a single fitness center he opened in Sao Paulo. At the time, he was running a family manufacturing business. But as the fitness center flourished, he realized that health and fitness was his passion.
Eventually, he left his chemical engineering position and continued to work with fitness. Now decades later, he transforms the industry by melding technology and fitness into a single place. He has changed the way people view fitness and the way they train.

His Advice to Other Entrepreneurs

Edgard Corona champions entrepreneurship, but he says it requires CONSTANCY. Accurate planning and projections are also essential, especially in the fitness industry. Corona also believes another vital characteristic of a good entrepreneur is flexibility. You need to be able to change directions at the drop of a hat, precisely as we did when COVID-19 hit. The team pulled back, postponed new facility openings, and redirected finances to support employees during the lockdowns.

What Makes for Success

Edgard Corona says you need to focus on the goal and then put everything you have into making that goal a reality when asked what the key to success. You need to understand how to get your customer’s attention and encourage his participation. The key to the SmartFit success is to understand what people want in a gym and then getting them to visit once it exists.