The Final Twist

Twisty Ending

A career in journalism holds many adventurous opportunities such as visiting other countries and covering great, significant historic stories. Many of society’s stories of war crimes, injustices, and modernization have reached many people because of the combined effort of journalists and their companies.

Most especially, international stories could not have reached the world if it were not for foreign correspondents. Journalists like Simon Denyer have their careers established as successful foreign correspondents. Simon Denyer has worked for companies like Washington Post and Reuters in cities such as New Delhi, Washington, New York, and Beijing.

Early Education

Simon Denyer was born and raised as a British citizen. He pursued his undergraduate degree in Southern England. After completion, he pursued a Master of Arts degree in Economics, which he graduated with honors.

Works Done

Simon Denyer has worked as bureau chief in India for the Washington Post. He worked there for 2 years, through which he was known for writing a book on rulership design in India. The book is known as ‘Rogue Elephant’ and was published in 2014 by Bloomsbury. Also, he was a co-editor of ‘Foreign Correspondent’ which was printed by Penguin India.

Simon has also worked as bureau chief of the Washington Post in China from 2013-2018. Through his work here, he was able to win the Overseas Press Club of America award. His coverage of stories involving digital censorship and the environmental cost of rulership in Tibet was the highlight of his awards.

He also worked in Japan and Korea as a Post’s foreign correspondent and bureau chief for three years. Because of his work in Japan and Korea, he was able to win the coveted Pulitzer Prize in 2020. This is because of covering stories on global climate change and how changes within the Pacific Ocean affected salmon catch in northern Japan. He has also worked for Reuters as bureau chief in New Delhi, Islamabad, Nairobi, and London. Refer to this page for additional information.