The Final Twist

Twisty Ending

When running a business, it is very important to have exact real time visibility into your inventory beginning with raw materials, progress of work to completed products, no matter if it’s in the warehouse, out in the field or on the final stretch with an end customer.

For this very purpose cloud inventory gives organizations unlimited power to control related processes and inventory to improve productivity, reduce carrying costs, increase visibility, and accelerate inventory turns. Commonly known as Cloud Inventory management and Field Inventory Management is the capability of a company to understand its stock mix and the multiple demands on that stock.

A leading provider of innovative inventory management solutions, Data Systems International has recently announced that it will be offering integration of its Cloud inventory – FI solutions with the customer management relationship platform of Salesforce. Its users will now have the ability to instrument Field inventory applications to combine field captured, detailed data on the tools, equipment, and the inventory involved in tickets and service work orders in the field.

Described as a cloud-based software company, Salesforce provides customer management relationship services as well as an internal suite of enterprise applications, so in order to maximize the FI side of Salesforce’s customer management relationship services, Cloud Inventory is providing an integration of its FI to sure Share force users. users. Being a mobile first, cloud-based platform, FI gives users the capability of knowing the location and state of tools and real time inventory in the field.

SalesForce customers can track the tools, inventory and labor involved utilizing an accessible composite application on a mobile device using FI allowing field technicians to complete or update work order statuses. As field data is entered it’s applied to the rest of the CRM system allowing efficient customer response based on accurate, timely data access. Go here for related Information.


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