The Final Twist

Twisty Ending

In 2013, after years of public pressure to change their policies on killer whales in captivity, SeaWorld agreed to stop breeding orcas at all three parks and announced that it would build larger environments for them with natural seawater tanks instead of concrete pools. This was followed by an announcement that it would also end theatrical shows involving killer whales at those parks by 2017. However, the agreement did not apply to any other animals besides orcas; therefore this decision only affected less than 10% of the total number of animals kept there (including dolphins).

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On March 27th 2018, SeaWorld announced they will be ending their orca show program altogether following declining attendance rates over the past few years as well as mounting pressure from activists who believe keeping these intelligent creatures captive is cruel and harmful to their health. They will still keep some orcas for research purposes but no longer allow visitors into viewing areas where they are held captive for entertainment purposes like before when people could watch them perform tricks or interact with trainers during shows.

It was founded on March 21, 1964 by four graduates of the University of Washington who wanted to create an underwater restaurant and show for people living in Southern California. The idea came about after they had been scuba diving off the coast of Catalina Island and were inspired by the clear waters around them. SeaWorld is a marine life theme park and entertainment company that operates in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and China. There an entertainment company with a mission to inspire people to protect animals and wild places. There parks are home to some of the most amazing creatures on earth – killer whales, penguins, sharks and more! Go see shows like One Ocean or Shamu Rocks for an experience you won’t forget! You can also get up close with our animals at one of our many animal interactions. And if you’re looking for something new – they have rides too!

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