The Final Twist

Twisty Ending

All entrepreneurs want their businesses to evolve and take on new challenges over the years. The development of Terranova Corporation, one of South Florida’s foremost profitable real estate corporations, is described below.

Everything starts with a vision.

Bittel was excited about the commercial real estate promise in South Florida in 1980 and wanted to invest money through him before the Internet facilitated interaction with others worldwide. I had the advantage of connecting. Bittel’s company invested in the first logo designed by art students at the University of Miami and the “Friends and Family” syndicate of two small non-fixed band shopping areas across from grandparents’ wine and gourmet. So it started in my home office. The shop opened in the 1950s.

Creating a business plan

Bittel encountered one of the first significant obstacles after successfully expanding the company from his home to an office with additional staff during the recession of the commercial real estate market in the late 1980s. Bottom. Terranova survived the crisis, prepared for substantive development, and managed insurance companies and banks that accidentally became owners of commercial real estate in the event of a loan failure.

Move with the times

By the early 2000s, he noticed that some young workers had stopped buying new homes in the suburbs. Stephen Bittel decided to start re-diversifying Terranova’s portfolio and concentrate on the high street.

Maintain flexibility

Bittel is open to breathing fresh air that can maintain flexibility and reshape consumer behavior, as it did in the previous transition from suburban malls to urban centers.

Stephen Bittel founded Terranova in 1980, intending to manage commercial real estate for local collaboration. Terranova has grown into one of South Florida’s most successful saleable property companies, with over $ 1 billion portfolios.

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