The Final Twist

Twisty Ending

IM Academy is a business that helps people make money from foreign exchange (Forex) trading. It offers a wide variety of educational products and services that teach people what Forex trading is and how you can earn income from it. Its material is available on an app and through pre-recorded content.

It was established in 2013 by Forex experts and entrepreneurs Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry. Their idea was to create an online platform that taught Forex trading through a subscription model. The platform was created to be easy to use, accessible and interactive. People learn about Forex trading to acquire the skills they need to be a profitable trader. IM Academy has about 225,000 subscribers as of 2022.

As a global company, it has many subsidiaries around the world. It creates legal entities where regulations make that a requirement. It also creates subsidiaries for risk management and tax purposes. Its global headquarters is in New York City. It is a legally registered corporation.

As a strategic company, it was already following a remote working model before the COVID-19 pandemic. This saves money that would be spent on office space and real estate. IM Academy can hire the best people anywhere in the world by allowing employees to work remotely. Its operations weren’t impacted by the pandemic and the resulting emergency measures. See this page to learn more.

It has four core educational products. There are informational videos and unlimited GoLive interactive sessions. During these sessions, students apply the ideas that they learned from the videos. The videos give the students the basics of how Forex trading works. Students can learn things at their own pace. The live sessions are offered in 13 languages and are available on different days and times so that people in different time zones can be accommodated.


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